Thursday, January 26, 2012

Artist: Fred Swan

About the Artist
Fred started painting with encaustics and building collages following a significant life event and the loss of the sight in one of his eyes. Having once been a detailed wildlife and western artist, the fluid luminosity of wax and the textural qualities of crushed and recycled paper have became  metaphors through which he has transitioned his changed perceptions of the world. 
Fred graduated from the University of Oregon majoring in art and later from the Graduate School of Social Work at PSU. He has lived in Oregon the majority of his life and has four grown children. 
“The muted images of encaustic, hinting of the sharp detail and substance that lies just under the surfaces of our experiences, provides me with an opportunity to find a balance between the visual and opinionated clarity I was so certain of as a youth and the nuances and more ‘forgiving’ aspects of my perceptions as I am becoming older.”

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