Thursday, February 16, 2012

Artist: Brin Levinson

 About the Artist
Combining fragments of realism and imagination, Brin’s compositions create a world balanced on the edge of familiar and foreign. His paintings create a heightened reality instilled with nostalgia and deja vu.
Brin is largely inspired by industrial areas and old architecture. He finds the juxtaposition of urban landscapes and nature much more interesting than either one element on its own. There is a luring mystery in a moment recorded by only one picture.
What I love about painting is the ability to build a visual image completely from scratch. There is no limit to what the painting can become.”
Brin’s current works are acrylic and oil paintings on canvas.  His grandmother, Dagmar Wilson, was a landscape painter in Loudoun County, Virginia.  Being surrounded by her work has influenced Brin’s vision, especially his paintings of buildings and cityscapes. His artwork can be seen in galleries, art venues and events in Portland, the Northwest and California.
Brin lives and works in Portland, Oregon.  His work will be featured on Oregon Art Beat (Oregon Public Broadcasting) in 2012.

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