Saturday, February 4, 2012

Artist: Jenn Feeney

About the Artist
Jenn Feeney’s childhood was spent around a commercial print shop her parents acquired from her grandfather. She always had reams of paper to play with and would spend hours drawing and making things like play money or little flip books. She supposes one could say there is ink in her blood. By chance, when she joined the working world, she ended up working in print – first in corrugated and then in business print and promotions, which is true to this day. 
Currently, Jenn is working at a printmaking studio. Most of her prints are one-of-a-kind monotypes, also known as painterly prints. They are created by applying ink to a smooth plate, and then transferring the image to paper by means of pressure through a press. Jenn finds the process of making a monotype intriguing and exciting. She uses everything she can get her hands on as a tool for making marks, adding or removing ink, spreading, thinning, stamping, stenciling, just to see what kind of effect it will produce. Then she layers the ink – color over color, texture over texture – every time it’s a thrill and a surprise to peel the paper from the plate.
Painting has taken a back seat to Jenn’s printmaking, but when she does paint she primarily use acrylic on wood or canvas. Her approach painting is the same as her printmaking – trying different approaches to achieve interesting textures and colors.
Jenn lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

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