Saturday, February 18, 2012

Artist: Jessica Poundstone

About the Artist
Jewelry maker Jessica Poundstone is a returning Works artist. For the past seven years, Poundstone has made jewelry primarily using shrink plastic. This year she is debuting new designs in clay at Works.
"After so many years drawing and painting on two-dimensional plastic, it's been really fun to work in 3D with these clay pieces," says Poundstone. The overall feel is more primitive, raw and obviously hand-formed than my plastic work – but the strong color and design elements are still front and center."
Poundstone will also be featuring her first series of small, sculptural Bowls for Two or Three Small Things. Envisioned as a place to hold two rings and pair of earrings, the bowls are works of art in and of themselves. Each one-of-a-kind bowl is hand-formed, imprinted and painted.
"This year's event is going to be amazing – I'm so excited to be part of it!"

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