Saturday, February 11, 2012

Artist: Tim Combs

About the Artist
As The Reclamation Project, Tim makes art out of reclaimed materials in an attempt to save the universe one piece of art at a time.  As he’s progressed with his craft, he finds himself influenced by Japanese and Chinese painting and woodblock design – the spontaneity of Zen ink washes, the textures of Japanese woodblock prints, the inherent beauty in decay and weathering. For this collection Tim carved slightly abstracted nature scenes on reclaimed wooden “canvases” in order to examine beauty in the inevitable processes of decay and rebirth, forgetting and discovery.
Tim got into art as a way to do social activism after years of working in non-profits. He uses the art as a focal point, a node of intersection, for messages of reuse, sustainability and community connection. Tim like to remind the audience where the materials come from in effort to show them that aesthetic beauty is everywhere, all materials can be shaped into art. And to that end, he shows his work at art fairs, coffee shops, boutiques, non-profit fundraisers and galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest so he can discuss these issues and themes with an ever-widening audience.
Remember – Reclaim – Restore

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