Friday, February 10, 2012

Musician: Bryan Free and the Lost Cells

The the always amazing musical chameleon Bryan Free will be performing at Works this year. He brings along the Lost Cells and Kelly Masigat.

Bryan Free, "The Mirror" from inger klekacz on Vimeo.

Bryan Free does what he wants with music and will keep it that way. For over ten years, Free has written, arranged, recorded, and performed in more varying capacities than most artists do in a career.
Raised in the artistic hotbed of Portland, Bryan Free doesn’t just stand out, he glues varied scenes together. His six solo albums employ a wide variety of musicians, from Portland’s classical chamber music community to its electronic and ambient art circle, to Portland’s nostalgic '90's hardcore scene. Free has written for ballet, modern and aerial dance, film, visual art, and personal performance. The latter is clearly his love.
Those who attend Bryan Free performances testify to his charisma. His is a born performer. Yet there is an immediacy—a sincerity—to Free’s work that belies any inclination to label him a mere pop performer, a collaborator, a writer. “I want to create great things without legislation and without fear,” Free says. And he does this prolifically, bucking the trends in what seems most natural fashion.
Free’s 2012 projects include a piano + string quartet combo, known as Bryan Free & The Lost Cells, a power-pop rock band known as Top Hat, and an electronic project known as Country Of Marriage. Free is currently recording and performing with all these projects.


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