Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kickstart Us!

We believe that celebrating the arts in our community is vital to keeping them strong, that's why we could think of no better way to do just that than to throw a huge party, and showcase as much amazing local talent as possible in one night! Works also helps out the hungry in our community as well by asking for cans of food at the door for the Oregon Food Bank.

Now, obviously putting on an event like this is going to take some funding, and we are almost there...but we need just a little bit more to cover some of the added costs. That's where you come in. If you can help out in any way to get Works up and running by contributing a small or large financial investment, we will be so very thankful and appreciative! And to show our appreciation, we are offering rewards for being a financial the low end, free admission and an artist and musician autographed poster, and at the high end, commissioned artwork and other fantastic incentives!

Check out our video and more information at our Kickstarter page. Thank you!

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